alright I am so looking for a new jobby job. ugh. we won't even talk about, but lucky for me I can keep a cool head or someone would eb bailing me out of jail on homocide charges.

on an up note I guess I'm listed on some San Diego blogger list which is cool (here if you're form SD or anywhere and want to find a San Diego web log there ya go) and I'm pretty sure that my showing up there would be from the Jennyliciousness that is Jenny. who I need to email cause I haven't talked to her in awhile...... it';s her birthday next week so go give her birthday shout outs..

I see my Sara tomorrow... YAY!!!

well I have a new job to go look for, progress should be charted daily.


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2002-02-05 / 4:05
I wonder if anyone has job entitled "resident smart ass", that would so be mine